Home Sweet Home for abandoned animals

Home sweet home for abandoned animals! As so many other people have ever done in life, one day we wondered what we could do to help abandoned animals. How can we help and feel useful in the process?

At home we decided to join an association to help abandoned animals, we offered our home to take care of homeless animals while the association found them an adoption home.

Home Sweet Home for abandoned animals

Our dream

All our dreams and eagerness almost disappeared when seeing how greed, whenever there is money in between, change people. It can remove the desire to help completely. There were times when it seemed more important to pretend and show off than to really help animals.

We were not going to let this affect us and we decided to start on our own, without the support of associations, without financial aid and with the sole intention of helping an animal become the pet of a family that wants it.

Hogar de Acogida Animal

Home for abandoned animalsThat’s how Hogar de acogida animal began in 2019. Dogs, cats and rabbits have passed through our house. We have found a definitive home for almost 100 pets in these months. Thanks to many wonderful families and people who have gradually joined the family of “Hogar de acogida animal”. A special thanks to Veronica, our assistant in Valencia.

The secret of our success is to do it from the heart. Using your own money, makes you humble. Some months we only have one pet at home and other months we can have up to ten. We know that there are many animals looking for adoption and we just want to put our grain of sand. We have learned that having one or two cats at home does not take up much room at all. For us, there is no excuse for not being able to help, and we make many adoptive families happy.

Our wish

We have always had a clear idea and that is to avoid having stray animals on the street. To achieve this we know that the important thing is that all our pets are sterilised, neutered or spayed. For this we have contacted several veterinary clinics. They are always ready to help and collaborate with reduced prices in these cases.

Hjälp till övergivna djur på Costa del Sol

We are also glad to be able to keep in touch with the adoptive families, via Facebook. We have managed to create a great family among our collaborators, especially Fátima and Yolanda as well as companies such as Clinica veterinaria Agua in Mijas, Veterinary Clinic Pets in La Cala de Mijas, Tropical Aquarium in Las Lagunas and STARTGROUP real estate agency in Calahonda that in one way or another have helped and supported us so that we can continue with our work.

Hogar de Acogida Animal is definitely a Home Sweet Home for abandoned animals. Helping them find their well deserved home.

Home sweet home for abandoned animals!

Home Sweet Home for abandoned animals