Financed renovation

How about buying an apartment in a good location which needs a bit of work? Renovate it to a better than new standard and have renovation costs included in your mortgage! Sounds to good to be true? It's not! Read how it works below.


Buying to reform? StartGroup and UCI is offering you the all in one solution!

StartGroup has just launched a new project together with the Spanish bank UCI and the building company Reformador. We are now able to offer a mortgage that will cover not only 70% of the purchase price of the property but also 70% of the reform! All in one easy finance solution with low interest - no expensive extra personal loans - just one mortgage! For residents we can finance up to 90%!

You are free to chose any of the properties StartGroup has on the books and Reformador's dedicated architect will draw up plans, computer animated images and give you a price for your preferred renovation. We also have about 20 examples already done that you can have a look at right now!

The mortgage will be signed at the title deed as normal, and the bank will start paying the builder as the works progress - always when you have certified you are happy with the works contracted. All licences and certifications are taken care of and on top of that you get a 2 year guarantee an all building jobs!

This is the optimum solution for the client who wants to put a personal touch on his home and save money on finance!

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