Marbella's rise to international fame began in the late 1950s with the establishment of the Marbella Club by Alfonso de Hohenlohe. Originally his private residence, the Marbella Club soon became a magnet for royalty, influential figures, and celebrities from Europe and the United States. By the late 1970s, the property was transformed into the iconic Marbella Club hotel, setting the stage for Marbella's reputation as a luxury destination.

Situated along the renowned Golden Mile, Marbella features a lineup of upscale hotels, including the Puente Romano, known for its luxurious spa facilities. Many of these establishments offer beachfront locations, adding to the allure of Marbella's coastal lifestyle.

Located approximately 40 minutes from Malaga airport, Marbella welcomes visitors and residents with its picturesque palm-lined promenade. Here, one can indulge in the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean, from the aroma of sardines grilling over open fires to the lively ambiance of beachside chiringuitos, where glasses clink in celebration.

In recent years, Marbella has solidified its status as one of Europe's premier tourist destinations. With accolades from publications like Hello Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, Marbella is often likened to Spain's own Beverly Hills, offering a blend of luxury, glamour, and sun-drenched allure reminiscent of southern California.


The journey to Marbella begins along the renowned Golden Mile, home to iconic landmarks like Villa Tiberio, The Kings Palace, and the Mosque. Nestled in the hills above the mosque lies one of Marbella's oldest residential areas, "Las Lomas de Marbella Club Pueblo."

Upon arrival in Marbella, indulge in a bout of boutique therapy along Avenida Ricardo Soriano, where designer shops mingle with popular high street brands like Zara and the esteemed El Cortes Ingles, often dubbed 'The Harrods of Spain.' Just outside the city, Parque Comercial La Cañada beckons with its expansive shopping center, offering a comprehensive selection of goods.

For culinary delights, Marbella boasts over 100 restaurants catering to every taste, from gourmet dining experiences in the old town's 'Plaza los Naranjos' to famed nightclubs like Olivia Valere and The Suite at Puente Romano Hotel. The nightlife in Marbella is unrivaled, offering a plethora of venues for revelers to dance and celebrate into the early hours.

For those seeking a quiet evening at home, Marbella's markets offer the finest fresh ingredients, including vegetables, meats, and an abundance of fresh fish, including lobster.

Of course, no visit to Marbella would be complete without a visit to its spectacular beaches, where sun, sand, and sea combine to create an unforgettable coastal experience.


Healthcare in Marbella is top-notch, reflecting Spain's overall reputation for quality medical services. Just a short drive from the city center, you'll find the Quiron private hospital, staffed with English-speaking doctors and offering a wide range of healthcare services. Perched overlooking Marbella's picturesque harbor, this hospital ensures that residents and visitors alike have access to excellent medical care.

Marbella truly offers everything one could desire, making it an ideal location for discerning buyers seeking to "live the dream" in this sun-kissed town on the Costa del Sol.


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