Winter is the Best Time to Buy

Buying a property is a big step, not matter where. But if you’re already living in Costa del Sol or planning on heading over, then you should know that winter is the best time to buy a dream home in this area.

Winter on Costa del Sol
Penthouse in Riviera del Sol – Start Group

The real-estate segment is ready to re-welcome foreign investors, now more than ever, offering great deals for a wide variety of homes in Costa del Sol, the area where most expats have come in the last years than everywhere else in Europe, especially for the winter sun.

A stagnant economy left an abundance of properties unsold, forcing the agencies to cut-back the prices or offer moving discounts. Many of the properties are bank repossessions, which are made easier to buy and cheaper so that they can be sold as soon as possible. Also, the pound has never been stronger, and that means that if you’re earning pounds you will save a lot if you buy a property in euro here in Spain.

So whether you decide to buy from an individual or look up bank repossessions, here’s why winter is the best time of the year to take a step forward towards buying your dream home in the Costa del Sol.

Other buyers Spain
Townhouse in Marbella, Nagüeles – Start Group

Less competition with other buyers


Many think that winter is the worst time to move, so they prefer to wait in their current home until spring or summer to do that. But they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, winter is the best time to buy, although could be more uncomfortable. Choosing to buy a home in the winter will be easier when it comes to competition. This means that in case you do find your dream home, there will be less risk of a counteroffer for the same property, since the real-estate activity is lower due to lack of general interest. This can also mean that the whole home-buying process can happen faster than the rest of the year, since the clients are fewer.

The prices are lower

Buying a home in Costa del Sol in the off-season will help you save some money: all the prices – properties and cost of living – are a lot lower than during the high-season. Sellers make better deals and offers than the rest of the year, so keep your eyes out for a good bargain. Your wallet will thank you.
More estates agents available

When it comes to bureaucracy, Spain is a little behind. Lower real-estates activity means more agents are available, and it is recommended you choose to buy a home using an agent rather than by yourself. Laws and taxes are difficult to understand for expats, and they tend to change quite often, so an agent will make the entire process way easier for you and handle all the paperwork.

Townhouse in Cabopino
Townhouse in Cabopino, Start Group

Due to a lot of tourists or expats renting holiday homes for the summer, some of which were previously unsold, during the winter most of them will be cleared and ready to be purchased.

The only short-term rentals during winter normally occur on Christmas time, so right after that you should be able to find more homes on the market.

Great opportunity to find the right area

Since Costa del Sol is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in Spain, during the winter you can actually see if the area is really for you. Some smaller towns completely are shut-down off-season and there is nothing left to do there, so if you want an active life then this is the best moment to search in more animated places, to make sure that you can have everything available nearby and prevent yourself from ending up in a random and still small town, even if it looks like an active paradise in the summer.

Apartment on the Beach walk
Apartment in Marbella West, Start Group

Best time to run away from a snowy, cold winter

If you don’t live in Spain yet, then buying a home in Costa del Sol during the winter will surely be the best excuse to run away from the cold winter in the northern countries. Not only you will save a whole season of heating bills, but you will also be able to enjoy the great winter sun, where the temperatures never go below 0 degrees Celsius, but can rise up to 20 during a sunny day instead. And the best thing is that you can say goodbye to all the extra layers and snow boots and go for something more comfortable instead.

All-in-all, winter is better to buy and move to a home in Costa del Sol for your wallet, your time, a better weather than everywhere else in Europe and for the greater range of homes available at fantastic prices. Good luck in finding the perfect home for you!