Purchasing a Second Home in Calahonda

You have been thinking about it haven’t you?  The big move, and wondering what a second home on the Costa del Sol would be like?  Well let’s take a look at why so many people choose to come to this fabulous part of southern South to purchase a property.

You know that the all year round good weather plays an enormous part in why folk come to the Costa del Sol and if 320 plus days of sunshine is not floating your boat, then you’re probably looking in the wrong place. You need to keep it closer to home if this doesn’t resonate with you!

If though like many holidaymakers and property hunters, you are just as eager to spend fun filled summers and relaxing autumnal days, then you may wonder how this all works?

I think one of the most important aspects to consider is where you are going to buy your Spanish property and why?  Is the property going to be for yourselves now, in the future, as a holiday home or will you rent it out to holidaymakers before possibly retiring there?

Purchasing a house in CalahondaMany people with these questions and others have found their perfect property in Calahonda, which lies in the Municipality of Mijas, between Marbella and Fuengirola along the Costa del Sol’s whitewashed buildings and sandy beaches.  It is the largest growing property development, so much so it is well on the way to becoming a town.

Sitio de Calahonda has been growing in popularity for many years and for many different reasons including the vast amount of amenities that are available to people here.  An abundance of restaurants, bars, sports like tennis and golf, supermarkets and cafes.  All this along with all those pristine sandy expanses and clear skies and sea, an array of water sporting activities….I think I need a lie down.

Try Cabopino Beach and Marina, which is a very popular place to hang out, sun yourself and have fun with the many water sports there.  If you’re feeling a little more risqué or prefer an all over tan then not too far away on the western side is the nudist beach, where you can bathe in comfort and safety. In recent years there has been an increase and these choices of beaches have become very popular on the Costa del Sol.


For sports and kicks you can play a round on the green on the many golf courses or maybe tennis is more your thing?  That’s not a problem either with Calahonda’s Club del Sol, its main Sport Centre offering tennis, squash, sauna, jacuzzi and gym.  And let’s not forget the aqua park close by.

Calahonda also has the advantage of being very close to Marbella itself, old and new and also just a 25 minute drive away from Malaga City and the Airport.  It is also closely situated to the beaches and towns of Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Mijas Pueblo, which are also very popular destinations with lots of things going on.  You will just have to take yourself to a cocktail bar to wind down, phew!

However it is vital to remember that when trying to find your perfect property in Calahonda that you consult with and use a realtor professional.  It is strongly advised not to try to cut corners in any way.  Spain has seen its fair share of people being ripped off of late, as clients were eager to save money but who actually ended up losing so much more.  It’s just not worth it.

A trusted realty professional with an excellent track record for guiding the client and holding their hand throughout is in fact priceless.  They will save you a lot of money in the long run and a lot of tears if something unexpected was to arise.  They will be able to anticipate any eventuality and will cover all ground, leaving no stone unturned and you feeling very at ease with the process.

As there is so much to consider when purchasing property in Calahonda and as there are so many different angles to cover, with Spain doing things slightly differently to what you may be used to.  It only makes sense to get the advice about these differences from a well established firm with a team of hands on experts in the field.


It also has to be said that right now has to be the time to begin your house hunting journey, as there are new and many different and beneficial opportunities waiting to be had.  Now seems to be the best time in a long time to finally get on the property ladder here in Calahonda and on the Costa del Sol, as things are improving at quite a rate and set to get better and better in the coming months and years.

The Spanish property market is once again in a state of ascension and development is predicted to rise.  Euribor, (the rate used for Spanish mortgage interest payments) announced a significant decreased percentage of 0.298 in January 2015.  This is the lowest rate on record to date and 47% lower than just under a year ago.  Fantastic news for anyone wanting to buy or invest in property on the Costa del Sol in the near future.

And with both the European and Middle Eastern buyers paying a particular interest in Spanish property right now, it is predicted to rise into unknown figures within the months to come, bringing in accumulative revenue to the area.

So Spain is once again set to rise up and get back what it once was.  A perfect place to be, a perfect place to have a home and the perfect place to invest in property.

I think you will find that once you do find your perfect property in Calahonda, you will feel instantly at home here.  Start Group can help you from start to finish.