La Carihuela and Torremolinos

This historic Torremolinos fishing village of La Carihuela is renowned for its delectable seafood and spacious Mediterranean beach, which has ideal swimming conditions.

La Carihuela started out as a fishing village but, with the growth of Torremolinos as a coastal resort, it has become equally as popular for its huge, sandy beach and all-round good vibes. Visitors can marvel at the last remnants of the old village or simply enjoy swimming in the sheltered natural harbour, but before any beach trip, visitors should stroll downhill from Torremolinos to see the old buildings of La Carihuela.

The seafront boasts a number of restaurants lining the walkway. Over the past few years, La Carihuela has slowly but surely carved itself out as a culinary powerhouse, and is an increasingly celebrated foodie destination with the local delicacy “pescaíto frito” (fried fish) extra special. Therefore, if you are considering buying property in Spain you may well want to consider buying in Torremolinos.

The golden sand of the beach runs into shallow, sheltered water, making it a safe and fun place to play in the sea and it is well equipped with services to suit groups visiting the coastline. It is the perfect place to rent a sun bed for a day and work on your tan beneath the year-round hot sun or simply just to unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Meanwhile water equipment rentals and children’s play areas ensure that youngsters can have fun all day under minimal supervision. Elsewhere on the beach you can also take sailing lessons, go on a diving excursion or even rent a boat to explore the Andalucían coastline with the marina at the south end of the beach home to the Sea Life Aquarium, where you can interact with all manner of aquatic creatures.

La Carihuela is a small and fairly sleepy seaside village in Torremolinos but with plenty of character that allows for a lovely retreat from the hustle and bustle of Torremolinos. Such is the villages love of fish that every June its residents come together to hold an entire day in celebration of it and almost everyone attends, young and old. Carihuela was formerly a large fishing village with a large fishing fleet, with the first tourist hotel being built here in 1948 in what was the beginning of a tourism love in here.
Today the fishing industry itself has largely given way to tourism, but the village remains a more relaxed setting than some if its neighbours and is awash with many small guesthouses and apartment complexes, offering sublime real estate to be snapped up. The outstanding seafood is eaten in Torremolinos in the many street restaurants with fresh, breaded and fried fish, is especially distinguished here. And the village is surprisingly international, with Asian, German and even Dutch cuisine to be found.

80 metres behind the beach there larger road, the Av. Carlota Alessandri with is a bus stop with frequent connections to Malaga and the neighbouring town of Benalmadena, meaning you don’t have to go to the centre of Torremolinos to leave Carihuela by public transport. A train runs just north of Carihuela, which is the easiest way to reach the station in the centre of Malaga. The most precious parts of Carihuela are only accessible for pedestrians, giving the village a cosy and unpolluted feel and also making it the perfect place to take kids.

There are a sizeable number of Dutch people who visit Carihuela or have even made it their home. There are several Dutch restaurants and pubs, giving it its international feel. However, unlike other parts of Torremolinos, it still retains a distinct Spanish identity and often on Sunday afternoons hundreds of Spaniards come to Carihuela and fill up the classic fish taverns. One of the best small restaurants here is Cartucho King La Carihuela, found in the street behind the promenade. Be sure to order the house wine. Should you want to stay here and view some of the fantastic apartments on show, the apartment complex Apartamentos Niña De Oro in the centre of Carihuela is a beautiful spot to stay at.

All in all, this lovely little Spanish enclave offers something unique on the Costa del Sol, and with property being sold at highly affordable prices, now is better time than ever to invest here!