Our Favourite Beaches Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol and it’s beaches. An important part of our life on the coast is its beaches. We asked our colleagues and some friends to share their favorite beaches for the best beach-life!  Here are  our favourite beaches on the Costa del Sol.

La Cala de Mijas
La Cala de Mijas

The beaches of La Cala de Mijas are wide and with renewed sand from the bottom of the sea, they are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and enjoying with the children. With an extension of almost 2 km wide it is one of the longest in Mijas Costa with several beach bars and with very easy access from the town itself. When we look for a little more tranquillity we go to beaches further away from La Cala de Mijas. Towards Calahonda they are perfect for snorkelling near the rocks.


Calahonda means “the deep bay” and it is because the beaches are not shallow but deepens quite quickly. Other beaches like Cabopino, Elviria or Los Monteros have very shallow sandy beaches with sand dunes (reminds me of the beaches of Denmark), and are ideal for children and toddlers. Calahonda on the other hand has, historically, not been such a popular beach for tourists as it is a bit more hidden and is a bit stony when you get into the water. But for someone like me that adores scuba diving and snorkelling above all sports on Earth – this is great! Less people and more fish to see!

Our favorite beaches Costa del Sol
Luna Beach

Actually there is something very special about the area between El Faro de Calaburras to Cabopino, the seabed here is protected as it has a mix of Mediterranean, Atlantic and subtropical fish and sea-creatures that are not found anywhere else in Europe. Said area comprises of; El Chaparral, La Cala de Mijas, Torrenueva, Miraflores, Riviera del Sol, Calypso, Sitio de Calahonda and Cabopino.

The sea bed at a depth of about 30 metres have large fields of the Posedonia seagrass that forms a wonderful ecosystem. Put your diving mask and snorkel on and you will see large schools of fish just a few meters out. Among the many lava rock formations you will also fins octopus, sea cucumbers (a guarantee of quality waters!) as well as other sea critters. OK, it is not like the Red Sea or the Maldives but I dare say it is one of the best snorkelling sites in Europe!

Senda Litoral

Since 2014 we have the wooden beach promenade “Senda Litoral” that goes from La Cala de Mijas to (almost) Cabopino. From this promenade you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach and the last virgin sand dune in Mijas Costa, right next to Royal Beach in Calahonda. On the walk way you will find information signs of the local flora and fauna both in Spanish and English. the best part of the beach is, in my opinion, the area between Luna Beach and Royal beach. There is never a lot of people so you have lots of space and also the convenience of two great beach restaurants close by!

Our favorite beaches Costa del Sol

La Viborilla

One of my favourite beach on Costa del Sol  is Playa Viborilla. Located in urbanisation Nueva Torrequebrada, on Benalmadena Costa, between Fuengirola and Benalmadena, it’s a very small but cosy pebble beach. This place is great for people who like snorkelling. There are rocks in the water where you always find a lot of fish. It’s a pebble beach, the water is clearer especially when it’s a bit wavy. There is also a very nice local restaurant Viborilla. Right on the cliff above the beach with a lovely terrace. Here you can have a nice lunch in the shade of the lush trees surrounding terrace, enjoying beautiful view! You definitely have to try their “Sopa de marisco” and almejas! There are also few other restaurants within short walk distance from the beach.


Our favourite beach activity, when out with a group of friends, is Beach Volley. Our favourite place for that is Cabopino! Playa de Cabopino always stays in top 10 popular beaches of the Coast for number of reasons: clean water, loads of amenities to keep you and your kids entertained and it’s BIG! Shallow water on shore is ideal for smaller children. There is a floating aqua park in the summer. Great fun not only for the children but also for the adults! Plenty of chiringuitos with good music, great food and drinks. Here you can always recharge your batteries after all the activities! A beach well known by it’s dunes, fine sand where you can find a quiet spot and have a little nap after lunch.

Cabopino port
Cabopino Marina

Next to the beach there is a beautiful small Port. Small private yachts, few restaurants and cafes, an ideal place to have a romantic dinner. We also like to come here as a family to feed fish, children love it!

La Carihuela

My favourite beach on the Costa Del Sol would have to be La Carihuela Beach, located in the area of Torremolinos. An old fishing Village where the local fishermen still cast their nets to this day.

There are many chiringuitos lined across the beach. The most typical dishes served are the espetos, sardines stacked on a bamboo spike and smoked right there on the beach, served with a slice of lemon. Another favourite dish is boquerones (fried anchovies), an originate from Malaga. One chiringuito that I would recommend here is Playa Miguel.

The promenade is pedestrianised and lined with shops, bars and restaurants. There is an international feel about it. The water is clear and shallow, fine sand, no rocks making it great for families with children. Here you can hire a hammock with sunshade and watch the world go by. There are plenty of water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing and kayaking.

Puerto La Marina

A 10 minutes stroll along the promenade takes you into Puerto Marina in Benalmadena Costa, here you can take one of many boat trips and do some shopping, visit Sea Life Aquarium or try one of the many international restaurants.

For anybody that has purchased or thinking of purchasing a property in Calahonda, Riviera del Sol, Cabopino or La Cala de Miijas would more than likely know that they have beautiful protected beaches in their areas but with less activities, so as an alternative this would make a great place to try a different beach for the day, do some water sports and a spot of shopping!!

It’s a straight forward 20 minute drive along the A7 highway towards Malaga, exiting at Torremolinos and just follow the signs to La Carihuela.

At night the place comes alive. There are many back street shops and boutiques with plenty more places to get a bite to eat.

Restaurant Casa Juan

There is a square where you will find the famous Casa Juan Restaurant. Famous for shellfish such as lobster, king prawns, almejas in white wine sauce and a great Paella.

This place is a little more up market and for a meal with drinks you would be looking at around 40 euros per head on average.

In mid July La Carihuela celebrates La Virgen del Carmen festival. She is the patron to the fishermen and protects them while at sea according to folklore. The Virgen Del Carmen on her throne, is sailed in on a fishing boat. Children lines up on the beach dressed as sailors, collect her and then carry her off the beach to the local church.

This festival lasts for around 5 days and nights, is great for the family, there is lots of traditional song and dance as well as a small funfair for the children.

Bolonia, Tarifa

If you you have bought a property or are considering buying a property in Calahonda or near you will be blessed with the advantage of location,  close to all, beaches, shops, malls, airports and more. But sometimes it’s nice to explore!

Just past Estepona the roads start to meander and the countryside changes to a greener shade and houses become scarce, the odd cafe/restaurant make the break of scenery every 3 to 5km. I  am heading to Bolonia just past Tarifa, the most picturesque beach on the south coast. Like a postcard it presents from your first steps from the confines of the car. Almost 4km of almost white sand. My daughter loves it here, fine sand and clear water and if you time it right I.E not August,  it has more than enough sand for all! 

Sand Dunes

There are a few shops that all look as though they shut for some of the year and even converted from a room in a family house. I like the fact it is so “unflobalised” making every shop unique and more intriguing. Once I forgot the sunblock. I made a hasty purchase only to discover, much to the delight of my little girl, that the sunblock had added glitter. It survives showers and washing for days!

The backdrop to the beach is as spectacular with a almost complete Roman ruin. A discreet and small cluster of cafe offering all the usual Andalusian delights. Just wild countryside, no villas, urbanisation’s, reforms, almost as if it has remained cloaked from time. With all this nature, history and wonder it makes it a special place for all and almost magical for kids!

This is the key to our Favourite Beaches Costa del Sol!

Playa Las Chapas / Ranchon Cubano

I do recommend you to visit this beach, especially during the weekends.

On the eastern part of Marbella you find this Chiringuito Ranchon Cubano (restaurant / beach bar).  It is a wooden “hut” where you can sit and enjoy the sun with your feat in the sand while having a drink and something to eat.

The ideal time to get there is around one pm so you easily can park. Start with a lunch at the restaurant, on the dunes facing the sea. There is two lovely terraces and also possibility to eat in the shade.

After lunch enjoy a wonderful afternoon on the beach while listening to Cuban / Latin music from the “Chiringuito”. From 6 pm there is a live band playing Cuban music and the dance floor gets filled with dance lovers of Bachata and Salsa.

If you enjoy this type of entertainment and their unique ambience, there is no doubt you will end up dancing till late with a mojito in your hand.

A really festive and happy atmosphere where I recommend you to take your friends for a different experience on the beach.