Costa del Sol Property, and the Good News You’ve Been Waiting for

There is now good news surrounding development and housing sales on the Costa del Sol. New construction is being seen throughout the Costa del Sol. There are many cranes and rumbling sounds of development work to be heard once again on the coastlines in the South of Spain.

Good news on the property marketNew information on the home sales in Spain last April 2015, shows a significant rise in the Spanish property market.  According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics, property sales on Costa del Sol has risen by 9 percent year on year.  Bringing with it, a positive note of recovery for the Spanish property market. This summer, we can feel things really start to move in a better direction. Buying property on the Costa del Sol is the right type of property investment, and it’s becoming evidently clear that now is in fact the time to buy property in Spain.

We at Startgroup, have personally witnessed the momentum that has taken over the property sector on the Costa del Sol. Properties in Calahonda for example, has generated significant interest once again. Many more are visiting our offices in Calahonda for personalised viewings. Of course, as real estate agents on Costa del Sol, we couldn’t be happier.

Property Sales Figures on the Costa del Sol

The new numbers cannot be disputed, a generous number of 24,090 home sales were registered in April alone. This is the highest sales figures to be shown in four years, and it also shows that the Spanish property market is not dwindling, but instead recovering at a steady pace. Full stability is around the corner.

When researching what regions are most popular to foreign buyers, Marbella properties, and Seville were the most popular.  Of course the region of Malaga, including all the wonderful and sunny coastal areas are proving once again to be a major attraction to oversea buyers. In our opinion, the Costa del Sol will always maintain an uptick in the property sector.

According to a new report from Tinsa – an appraisal company, are stating that for the first time since the crisis began, property prices are rising, and new developments are getting off the ground.

There are key indicators such as net increases in new homes that are under construction in the Malaga province. These indicate that the property sector is slowly but surely recovering; at least according to the Malaga Association of Economists.

It seems that for the first time since the downturn of the crisis, there are more new homes being started.  This is seen to be more prevalent in Malaga province and on the Costa del Sol.  The Malaga Association of Economists identified this change, although small at the moment to be gradual and a significant step in the right direction towards recovery.  Proposing also a recovery in the local economy in general, but particularly in the housing market.

The Housing Department in the Ministry of Public Works (Formento) has also published its figures for home sales in the first quarter of the year.  It gives us a definitive case that sales were up 4.4 per cent to 85,133.


There is also a wider economic impact, which also happens to positive; as the data shows another annual fall in unemployment in the province of Malaga. This great news, coupled with another positive was a significant increase of 8 per cent in the number of tourists that visited the province during 2015.

This is great news for anyone looking to buy property in Spain and especially on the Costa del Sol. The general consensus clearly shows a definitive upturn and positive rise in sales all over the Malaga region.

So if you are thinking of buying that dream property and have been holding off, the great news is that once again that dream can be a reality for you.  The only question is, where on the Costa del Sol will you find your dream property?

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