3 Tips for a Smooth Property Sale

As usually happens at the start of every year, the property market starts to gather momentum. Here on the Costa del Sol, it’s no different; in fact it is perhaps even busier than many other countries’ markets as wannabe expats start to ‘pull out the stops’ in a bid to get their dream lifestyle off the ground.

From a seller’s point of view, the first part of the year is also a good time to ‘pull out the stops’ and get that property into a sale-ready state. If you’re that seller, Start Group has some advice for you based on our many years of experience working within the Spanish property market.

  1. Make sure both inside and outside are presentable

Sell property in Spain guideA lot will be taken at face value, that’s just the way it is. Make sure any mess is cleaned up, and make any small cosmetic repairs you are able to. Clean up in all the corners and air the place out fully if it hasn’t happened for a while. It is important to make sure that windows are clean so that any pretty views from your property can speak for themselves.

The adage “it’s what’s inside that counts” may be very true, but in the property market what’s outside counts too, we can assure you. Polishing up the outside as much as possible is guaranteed to help your property sell; whether that means giving the shutters a good scrub, doing some gardening, tidying up the driveway or cleaning the swimming pool. If potential buyers perceive any disrepair or lack of care, they may worry about hidden issues coming to light after the sale.

  1. Set a realistic sale price for your property

Naturally, the price is one of the main concerns for any potential buyer. As a seller it can be very tempting to attach sentimental value to the price tag, so it pays to take off rose tinted glasses you may be wearing with regards to a treasured home.

A buyer will usually be looking for the best price they can get, and they’ll be viewing your property more objectively as they’ll have no emotional attachment to it. Local property market research is required, as well as some research into what foreign exchange rates are saying at the time.

If you’re prepared put a little extra cash into repairs and cosmetics as mentioned above, you may significantly increase your return – provided you get it right! Redecorating in an arbitrary style could actually go the opposite way. Consulting some neutral but stylish interior design ideas for inspiration may be sensible, on the other hand.

  1. Enlist the help of a professional

You may well be able to sell your home on your own, but the chances are that you’ll sell it more quickly and at a better price if you use the services of a trusted professional. Studies have shown that prospective buyers feel more comfortable being shown around by an non-biased representative, perhaps because they perceive that there will be less pressure and more chance of honesty.

Having a Real Estate agent’s ‘for sale’ sign outside your home will attract attention from passers-by and increase the likelihood of a word-of-mouth sale. Likewise, using a Real Estate agent’s connections and online resources increases your visibility beyond measure. Having professional photographs taken will boost interest in your property too.

Last but by no means least, using a Costa del Sol Real Estate agent with a reputation for being trustworthy and experienced is a wise choice, because they bring knowledge and skills to the table based on years within the industry. That means knowledge of local markets, negotiating skills, local area knowledge, insight into buyers’ mentalities and expectations, and access to trusted contractors and services.

They can also take a lot of time off your hands by way of paperwork and dealing with processes, solicitors etc., on your behalf. In other words, Real Estate agents take the stress out of the process – which is not a small thing, when you consider that buying, selling or moving house is said to be one of the more stressful things you can do in life.

Start Group fit this category; our reputation in and around Calahonda is what it is thanks to our hard work over the years and our genuine customer care and after sales services. If you have a home to sell, or you’re looking for a property in Calahonda, you’ve come to the right place. Why not give us a call to see how we can help you?